PAWS Developer's Studio General Options

Development Simulator - Allows the engineer to execute interactively the test program as though it were running on the test station. It includes debug aids such as stop on each test, statement, or instruction, GO/NOGO path selection and other tools. Ideal for off-station checkout of the ATLAS test program logic flow. It will maximize the effectiveness of on-station debug time and minimize test station scheduling bottlenecks.

Studio Debugger - The Studio Debugger provides a powerful capability to Debug the TPS by providing Watch Variable Facilities. This includes the ability to dynamically change Variable values, as well as a Source Interface to debugging; the user can step through the Source as execution is proceeding, set Break Points, Repeats, skip over and enter into Procedures, and also debug the Drivers at the 'Macro' level. This versatile, integrated Debugger is an invaluable addition to the TPS Integrator's tool basket.

Studio Flowcharter - The Studio Flowcharter dynamically generates and displays an ATLAS flowchart. The flowchart represents the flow and branching of the ATLAS source code. The level of detail presented on the flowchart can be fully customized and annotated by the user. Hyperlink branches permit the ease of user maneuverability and the viewer allows for printing of high quality documentation.

Run Time Diagram Generator (Documentation Tool) -The PAWS Run Time Diagram Generator Tool creates test diagrams which can be stored, viewed, printed and exported. By default the tool generates Test Diagram views, as shown in the figure, of executing ATLAS Test Programs. Views can be screen printed or redirected to a TDG File. Documents can be printed later from TDG files. Customisation of TDG files is also possible. Integration with MS Word and Web Browsers are standard features.

Development Wirelist Generator - Produces an ASCII report showing the exact electrical paths through the test station for each signal of an ATLAS test program. It may also be used to ascertain legal paths from an instrument to a connection point on the UUT.

Development CrossReference Generator - Generates a compiler concordance report showing all program labels, where they are defined and where they are referenced in the test program.

Development Structured Programmer - Restructures and presents an indented listing of the ATLAS source program based on the language syntax and the precedence of the program constructs. It also sequentially updates and renumbers the ATLAS statement numbers.

Development Toolkit - Permits the user to add, delete and modify ATLAS nouns, modifiers and dimensions and specify their usage. This option allows the user to modify and tailor an ATLAS subset to their own unique requirements.

Dynamic Monitor/Changer - A test diagram viewer attached to the PAWS RTS. It displays the current state of active test signals. The Test Diagram display area shows interconnection between ATE devices, active device resources, switching paths and the associated UUT ports. This display is updated in realtime and allows users to dynamically change instrument control modifier values. This capability facilitates dynamic instrument control features.

Run Time System Datalogger - Records the ATLAS Upper Limit, Lower Limit, Measured Value and Nominal Values associated with the Atlas program. Pass and Fail conditions can be toggled and data is automatically executed for these conditions. The user can optionally add remarks associated with these failure conditions. Additional data recorded to this package is the UUT and Test Station serial number. In addition, the user may note specific anomalies under ATLAS Program Control to the Data Logging file at any time.

RTS Server - The RTS Server provides the essential RTS services including the interpretation of the ATLAS TPS. It is designed to be connected to multiple clients (up to 3) who can provide GUI services, and also act remotely from the server. In this way the user can have distributed ATEs' and also serve both monitoring applications as well as control from remote locations.

RTS Debug Package with Graphical User Interface - This version of the PAWS/RTS System is tailor made for TPS Developers. No Station Integration facilities are provided, i.e. Device and Switch Data Base modifications. If these are necessary, please look at item number 9730 and 9500 . In addition, part numbers 9502 and 9503 may be added as options for further debugging capabilities as well as all the other Studio Options for documentation.

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