PAWS Developer's Studio

PAWS Developer's Studio gives you the power to compile, modify, debug, document, and simulate the operation of ATLAS test programs in a modern Windows Platform environment. It offers the Visual Development capabilities prevalent in the Marketplace today specifically tailored for ATLAS TPS Development. A full range of the most commonly used ATLAS Language subsets is supported. A PAWS Toolkit can modify the ATLAS Language subset to meet the particular ATE (Test Station) configuration. Its output is ready to be executed on the associated Debugging PAWS/RTS run time system, or can be translated to run on your own, unique existing run time system. This figure depicts the power of the Developers Studio in a graphical form.

ATLAS Compiler - processes any of the available ATLAS subsets supported by PAWS. This fast, comprehensive compiler performs source code parsing, syntax verification, full signal flow analysis, and automatic resource allocation and code generation.

Developers Editor - is a full feature chroma-coded text editor with multi-window capability permitting simultaneous viewing of test programs and associated test station project files. Several test programs or files may be manipulated simultaneously within the studio to allow for easy insertion of preferred test sequences from standard libraries. Rapid access to any line in an ATLAS program ensures ease of test program development.

Review Editor - allows the user to review the results of building a test program project. Its separate window allows the user to view diagnostic messages in parallel to source code. It provides rapid single click positioning to the appropriate source code error. Diagnostic error messages are in English.

Test Station Utilities - enable the engineer to define and modify the Instrument, Switch and Interface Test Adapter descriptions. Instrument communications is supported (1) via CIIL bus sequences; (2) via "native code" bus sequences and (3) via subroutine calls to an external software device including VXI Plug & Play (VPP) Drivers and their associated Soft Panel interfaces (LabView, HP-VEE etc.)

Device Database Processor - accepts a user-written description of the capabilities of available instruments in the ATE. Processor also accepts routines for generating native code commands from ATLAS signal oriented statements. The default code generated is AIL/CIIL; however the user is offered full capabilities to specify any desired code set.

Switch Database Processor - accepts a description of the test station switch and produces a preliminary table of switching information.

ITA Wirelist Database Processor - creates a wirelist database using the switching table generated above and a user-written ITA wirelist description. This database consists of all possible paths from the UUT through the ITA and intra-station switching to the ATE devices.

Automated Project Controls - The Developers Studio provides a tightly coupled environment for the user; it automatically tracks which files have changed and hence, when projects need to be rebuilt, only those files which have changed or which are prerequisites are automatically updated. This procedure applies to the linking of ATLAS Test Programs as well.

CEM Wizard - Offers the ability to automatically generate software links between the PAWS RTS data structure and 'C' coded driver data structures. The CEM Wizard generates Header files and all the necessary calls to the Driver Data Bases from the ATLAS environment.

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