The Test Requirements Document (TRD) System helps users develop and document the strategy and structure of test programs using TRD format screens, flowchart generation tools and documentation formats, all in accordance with the most popular military standard formats or with unique custom formats. It also has the ability to automatically generate an ATLAS test program from the TRD information provided by the user.

TRD System -The TRD System captures and preserves unambiguous test strategies. It supports the development of Test Requirements Documents (TRDs) with easy-to-use forms and automates the generation of documents in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. The TRDs can be used for documenting the test strategy and requirements of test programs developed with PAWS, TestBase or any test programming environment.

TRD Default Format (based on Mil-Std-1519) -A set of documentation templates for development of TRDs conforming to Mil-Std-1519 is provided as a default format. Default format includes templates for Excel reports for Pin and Component Analysis.

TRD Custom Format -A set of custom-developed templates can be developed to support customer specific documentation formats with specific information.

TRD Flowcharter -An add-on module for the TRD System that generates flowcharts in Microsoft Visio format. Offers a choice of flowchart types (either Functional or Test Strategy) and a customizable page layout (single page or multi-page). Enables users to select the amount of test data to be included in flowcharts.

TRD-to-ATLAS Generator -Module supporting the automatic generation of ATLAS source code that implements the test strategies specified in the TRD.

Custom Code Generator -A custom module that can be developed to support the automatic generation of code in ATLAS or another programming language selected by the customer.

Failure Mode & Fault Coverage Analysis -Supports the input of failure mode information for the UUT and the assignment of detected and isolated faults to various tests which form the TRD’s test strategy. Performs an automatic fault coverage analysis, compares calculated performance to program requirements and displays results in Microsoft Excel reports.

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