SigBase supports the development & controls the execution of complex 1641 test strategies. It loads and displays 1641 TSF libraries in a palette bar and allows 1641 signals to be modified and simulated. SigBase can generate test program source programs in 1641 TPL plus carrier language and store test results in ATML format.

Extensive SigBase features include:

• System-level testing
• Visual programming
• Storage of results
• Characterization of 1641
• ATLAS signal definitions carried into STD as Test Signal Framework
• Re-useable signal definitions
• User-defined signals & tests portable across systems
• Integrated XML & IDL interface.

SigBase has been developed to support modern ATS technologies (ATML/IEEE 1641), rapid redesignation of signal values and standard test signal frameworks (TSFs). It has user friendly development & operations interfaces and its full-featured test exec supports both new test strategy development & legacy strategy re-host as well as the Design-to-Test paradigm. Its design incorporates a distributed Open Architecture.

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