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ake consultants was formed by Keith Ellis, a company director with over 25 years' commercial and technical experience.

His commercial experience began in 1982 when he joined a small company in Hertfordshire as founder employee. He developed with the organisation to become Divisional Manager and, when the company was sold to the Admiral Group plc in 1988, he became Projects Director of the resultant company. In 1980 he left Admiral to form his own company, Apsys. The business thrived for thirteen years providing test systems software and solutions to the Aerospace and Defence Industry until it was aquired by EADS in 2003. He continued to run the newly formed company as a standalone subsidiary during which time he was responsible for introducing the test activities of this multinational group to UK industry. Also at this time he assisted EADS with the acquisition of an internationally known test systems company.

After graduating in Electronic Engineering in 1977, he undertook real-time software development roles within the industry and extended his skills with the provision, support and training of COTS software products to the test sector. He has played key roles in the development of international standards including IEEE Std 716 (ATLAS) and he was chair of the of the committee responsible for the development and publication of IEEE Std 1641 (Signal and Test Definition). He has supported the UK MoD in the development of its automatic test systems policy, such as open systems architecture and managed projects to develop software products that support that policy.



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