eXpress is an off-the-shelf software suite that encompasses diagnostics, testability, prognostics and systems engineering. As the only solution of its kind, eXpress provides enormous short and long-term cost-savings, realized throughout the entire life cycle. It has a simple and intuitive graphical design interface to capture designs and develop diagnostics which enables:

Design Capture, for both up-front and legacy designs
Diagnostics and Testability Analysis
Prognostics Design Influence
Reliability Engineering Support
Maintainability Engineering Support
Validation and Verification
Sensor Optimization and Trade-off Studies
1553 Bus Modeling

The Diagnostic Module has the most robust and rich set of features available for testability analysis and assessment, including prognostic testing. It is fully integrated with eXpress and provides:

MIL-STD 2165 Statistics
Trade-off Studies / What-If Scenarios
Detection and Isolation (FD/FI) Statistics
Prognostics Assessment and Allocation
Test Point Placement

The fully integrated Reliability Module affords a rapid-modeling approach to generating FMECAs from eXpress designs. It produces:

Integrated FMECAs
Link to Diagnostics for Detection Columns
MIL-STD 1629 -Columns
Flexible control of Hierarchy for 3-of-n-level FMECAs
Single-step Export to Excel

The EDA Import Module and Conversion Software imports eXpress designs from EDIF and EDAXML. It offers:

Importing and true representation of CAD data
Support for Mentor, Cadence, Viewlogic, OrCAD, and more...
Seamless re-importing capability

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